The Choice is Clear.

When choosing a travel program some of the first questions you have to ask are the obvious ones like “How competitive is the program?” “Will my son develop and advance his skills?”, “How is the coaching?”. In answering those questions the choice to join Team Maverick Lacrosse is very clear. We have a proven track record of success, and we as a program have achieved greater success than any current or past regional program. We are proud to have contributed to the fact that the level of lacrosse being played in Indian River County has never been better which has a lot to do with the high number of those very kids calling Team Maverick Lacrosse their home team.

But the questions to be asked shouldn’t stop there. We believe the real questions of importance are driven at truly understanding what the program and its coaches really stand for. “What kind of people are they?”, “Are they of high moral fiber?”, “Are they the type of people I want impacting and influencing my son as a player AND as a person?”. In asking those questions we believe joining Team Maverick Lacrosse will again be the clear choice.

As we layout our plans for each season, we like to take a moment to reaffirm the principles and values we work hard to adhere to. These core values have played a key role in making Team Maverick Lacrosse a premier travel lacrosse program not only in Indian River County, but the state of Florida as well.

Our Mission

Team Maverick Lacrosse is and will always be a program designed for the sole benefit of the WHOLE community of Vero Beach and the Treasure Coast irrespective of school affiliation. Where to attend school is a decision we respect as very private and personal to an individual family. We feel very strongly that for a travel program to in any way leverage that decision for its own gain, or to do anything to foster or advance a divide between schools would be irresponsible and out of bounds.

While we strongly encourage and support healthy school rivalries, Team Maverick Lacrosse won’t participate in anything that creates or agitates an “us” vs “them” dynamic. To us it’s a simple matter of community common sense and decency. Plus, as our record has shown and we have very clearly proven over the past four years, not only do our kids WANT to play together regardless of the school they attend, but we as a community are far more competitive as a whole than if we break into fractured teams.